When we refer to our graduate intake, we are actually referring to anyone wishing to enter into recruitment with little or no prior experience of our industry. That could mean university leavers, school leavers, people moving on from a recruitment apprenticeship or people with experience in a different field.If you are interested in a career in recruitment, then we are interested in you.



  • We’re a different kind of recruitment business and really proud of that. A family-feel business that is values driven, meaning, the things we believe in inform the things we do. We’re dedicated to our clients and believe in partnerships over traditional, transactional services. This isn’t about supplying candidates; it’s about strategy, retention, engagement and life-long partnerships.
  • We specialise in the recruitment of Supply Chain, Procurement, Logistics and Manufacturing/Technical individuals across EMEA. We have skilled consultants working with top level talent from graduate to board level. Our industry expertise is within fast moving consumer goods working with large international clients and ambitious growing companies. We work on building strategic partnerships with key clients so we are as much experts on our clients as our industry and can offer informed career advice on what the best career step for you will be.
  • Our main industry focus is the consumer goods sector, with clients covering everything from Food to Cosmetics and Household Goods. We also work in the consumer electronics, oil & gas, retail, pharmaceuticals and chemicals industry, using the model we have created for our FMCG clients to successfully implement recruitment strategies in other sectors.
  • We help our clients to make their operations as efficient as they can be, by finding them the best talent in the market. This makes them not only more successful, but more environmentally responsible.



  • Pip


  • Granit


  • Lauren


  • Why did you join Pod?

    LAUREN: What resonated with me about Pod was their refreshing set of values and how passionate they were about being experts in what they do. I also felt that they didn’t take themselves too seriously and had lot of fun along the way.

    PIP: I enjoyed every step of the recruitment process and every person I met along the way. They showed me the potential of the business and also the role that I would play in it. I also could tell the culture of the business was ‘right up my street’.

    GRANIT: Pod offered something more than every other business. It showed an opportunity to really build yourself, maintaining your own values and creating your own route to where you need to be.

  • How have we supported your development?

    GRANIT: Where I lacked a skill, they took the time to take a tailored approach in how I learn; more specifically hands on training with management, guiding me through a process and regular reviews. Where I had strengths, they maximised opportunities for me to excel.

    PIP: I was lucky enough to win the commitment to personal development award this year, so if you want to develop your skills, Pod will give you all the tools and help you every step of the way. Also we adapt the training to your personal pace.

  • What is an average day like here?

    PIP: Fast paced, busy, crazy, lots of bants, lots of hard work!

    LAUREN: Pod HQ is a hive of activity! If I were to summarise an average day I’d say Food, Banter and Billings are top of the list. The mentality of the team is hard-working, collaborative and driven and while we are all really focused on getting the job done, we appreciate being able to have a chat and a laugh.

    GRANIT: Breakfast, bants, work, more work, bants, work, lunch + darts & foosball, bants, work, more work, bants and work, more work – end of the day! Pretty cool really!

    [so apparently it’s all about the bants]

  • What is the best thing about working here?

    GRANIT: Pod allows you to be you and everyone can work in the best way for them. It’s almost like running your own business in a business, with your own twist and values.

    LAUREN: Pod is great for recognising that not everyone needs to fit the same mould and provides us individual training and development to ensure we are as successful as we can be.

    PIP: We are one big family.


Recruitment is bonkers. If you’re a natural, it doesn’t feel like work. After all you get paid to get to know people. It’s a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs, no day is the same and each day tends to fly by in the blink of an eye. Your work is never done, and the rewards of your efforts are uncapped. To find out more you can download a job description for a Recruitment Consultant role below:

Recruitment Consultant Job Description