School of Hard Knocks: A day in the life

School of Hard Knocks: A day in the life

So you see us posting all the time about our partner charity, School of Hard Knocks. We know what they do (and if you don’t, you can click here to find out), but what actually goes on in one of their sessions?

Pod’s Joe and Stuart were at the session at Moseley Rugby Club, Birmingham, along with rugby legends Scott Quinnell, Will Greenwood and some of the SOHK guys. We caught up with them when they got back to find out what it was all about!



So how many people attend the sessions?

There were around 30 guys at the session, between the ages of 18 and 42.

Talk me through the day and what you guys got involved with?

We spent the morning running one-to-one interview prep sessions with each of the participants. The work we do at Pod and the skills we learn in our training means that we can easily transfer this to any interview situation, allowing us to give really thorough training and advice to the guys. In the afternoon, we ran a session on how to research companies when applying for jobs and how to get a competitive advantage over others in the jobs market.

What is the aim of all this training?

As well as the obvious skills we’re teaching, it’s all about confidence building. It’s about teaching the guys to have confidence in their abilities, and about them having the confidence to start looking for and applying for jobs knowing they have the support and advice they need to get their careers off the ground.

Give me a highlight from the day?

One of the guys had been only applying for retail jobs and having no success, because he didn’t realise where his skill set lay and what value he could bring to other industries. During our one-on-one session he really opened up to me and we discussed his likes and dislikes in detail, so that I was able to suggest alternative avenues for him to explore. He’s now looking into jobs in the holiday rep area and is excited at the prospect of trying something new.


If you are interested in getting involved in School of Hard Knocks, they’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with anyone at Pod on 0203 627 2420, or drop Ken Cowen an email on ken@schoolofhardknocks.org.uk.

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