Changes coming at Pod

Changes coming at Pod
As of June this year, Pod has been trading for 5 years.  In that time, We have placed around 750 of the best people to the best companies in our space, delivered multiple talent solutions that sit outside the definition of traditional “recruitment” and grown to a headcount of 25. In that time we have also been voted Best Newcomer, Best Agency to Work For, Best Small Business and Best Client Service by our industry peers.
It is now time to embark upon the next stage of our evolution.  We are driven to complete our unique service offering, to be the only provider offering a full talent solution to the area of product lifecycle management.  From product development through to delivery to your customer, our offering across Europe and the US will have the capability to support our clients from board level down to specialist across:
• Leadership
• Product development
• Sourcing
• Planning
• Manufacturing and 
• Logistics.  
• Across these functions, we will also provide talent in the area of technology and change management.  
Our unique focus allows us to ask the questions that our clients and candidates need answers to: 
• What environmental and customer trends are going to impact product lifecycle management? 
• What skills will be required to support our clients to maintain a competitive advantage? 
• What career opportunities will keep the best current and future talent engaged in our field of expertise?
These questions have made us rethink our approach to the skills and capabilities that we need to be sourcing for our clients.  As a result, we believe we are becoming a competitive advantage to our customers by knowing what talent they need, when (and sometimes before) they know they need it. And finally, we have built a suite of services that allow our clients to be able to not only attract the talent that they need, but accurately assess their ability and then retain that talent within the business.
So that is a snippet of the change ahead that we are getting so excited about. Our new website (due to be launched in November) will really showcase the next phase of our evolution.  If, in the meantime, you have any comments, recommendations or questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch: jon.dweck@pod-talent.com
CEO & Founder of Pod Talent

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