Supply Chain Technology - Pod's newest division

Supply Chain Technology - Pod

Pod are delighted to announce the launch of our new division – Supply Chain Technology.

It is clear that the future of supply chain is technology, and innovation in this market is clearly on the rise and not to mention super exciting! We’ve seen the trial of driverless lorries, tests on product deliveries by drones, robots picking orders for dispatch and a huge amount of innovation in same day delivery options and on demand services being available at the click of a button or the touch of an icon on a smart phone!

Whilst this is exciting, in some ways this idea can be scary… Will supply chain jobs be extinct in the future? Well, yes, some of them will be, change is inevitable, but they’ll also be the rise in demand for certain skillsets, which is why we’ve launched this division.

So before robots take over the world, we’ll be focusing on skillsets across ERP/WMS/TMS implementation, improvements and programme management plus the implementation and management of automation systems. We know this skillset is in short supply and projects will vary, so we’ll be working hard to build talent pools in these specific areas on both a permanent and interim basis. We feel the market is crying out for us to bridge the gap between “operations” and “IT” recruiters, and we look forward to working with our partner clients to make sure they win the battle for the best supply chain technology talent. 

For more information on this excting new area, please contact Chris Corcoran at chris.corcoran@pod-talent.com.

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