Gabi Rackauskaite

Gabi Rackauskaite

Consultant - UK Supply Chain

Profile written by NJ

Gabi joined the Pod Squad in July 2018 and swiftly established herself on the Supply Chain team, specialising in the junior FMCG market; and what an unbelievable start she has had to her Pod career! We knew from the first interview that Gabi was going to be a keeper and her natural affinity for people is striking. She has had the best first four months of ANY new starter in Pod history and has made numerous placements to the likes of M&S, Pernod Ricard, William Grant & Sons. and Coty.

Gabi has long had an interest in people and performance which led her to complete an MA in Human Resources Management at the University of Leicester; her academic background brings a theoretical understanding of employer relationships which we can see enriching her day-to-day interactions with clients and candidates alike. This all sounds very serious and astute but Gabi does, like all Podlets, have a crazy side. We seem unable to actually call her Gabi and instead opt for one of the following nicknames: Gab-wa, Gabble, Gab-laaar, Bakwa (a kind of Chinese Pork Jerky) and Maureen. Whilst Gabi would prefer not to answer to any of these names, I’d encourage you to give her a shout and use one as you will be met by a delightful sound of exasperation, laughter and rage.

Outside of smashing it at work, Gab-wa is a prolific matchmaker (she has been known to take a brief from someone she’s met in a club and make it her evening mission to find them a match- yes, it was successful!), loves every pop song that’s ever been made (The Coral’s ‘Dreaming of You’ is guaranteed to get her singing along) and likes nothing more than to take selfies with goats at zoos up and down the country.

So far, the goats haven’t complained too much- just a few ‘Bak-wa, Bak-waaaas’ of protest when she gets too close.