Louise Harding

Louise Harding

Head of Operations & Partner

Profile written by Lucy

Joined on day 14 of Pod and by day 15 she was a key part of the Pod world.

Lou is our operations guru, she manages all of our suppliers, invoicing, payroll as well as a multitude of other never-ending daily activities which allow the rest of us to focus on our candidates and clients and allow Pod to continue being successful and grow!

It may surprise some but prior to joining the world of recruitment Lou studied a degree in BioChemistry and had lofty hopes of Nobel prizes and stopping the rise of chemical warfare! She quickly realised that this did not motivate her and started her career in recruitment. Lou’s first role was with Oliver James Associates where she ran the operations of a rapidly expanding recruitment business with aplomb.

Lou had a brief stint as a child star, gaining critical acclaim for her performances on Stars in their Eyes and Classic FM, and has often been mistaken for the love child of Mick Hucknall and Britney Spears. Her in-office nickname is MooPing after a Thai pork snack (there's no other reason for this other than she likes eating them from a local lunch spot), and it has become so ingrained that we have an annual 'MooPing day' in the office and another Podlet has named their cat MooPing too!