Lucy Morgan

Lucy Morgan

Managing Director & Partner

Lucy runs our recruitment business and is a founding partner of Pod. Her teams recruit across Supply Chain, Logistics, Procurement, Manufacturing and Supply Chain Technology in the UK and Europe.

After graduating with a degree in Medieval History from Queen Mary’s, she joined the graduate scheme at RK Supply Chain where she was the top permanent consultant in both of her first 2 years.  She then moved to Exsurgo where she built their successful supply chain & manufacturing team from 0 to 7 consultants in under 3 years. We believe she has personally placed over 200 people to the likes of Sony, M&S, Red Bull, Whitbread, L’Oreal and many others, while her team members have been responsible for countless more.

While Lucy is fantastic at her job this only tells about 5% of the Lucy “Charizard” Morgan story. Knowing where to start is difficult, so here are some facts: 

Lucy’s real name is not Lucy but Simone –when she was little she decided she hated Simone and insisted her parents change it to Snoopy.  They did not agree and compromised on an alternative character from the same cartoon and therefore Lucy was born. Lucy has been a stand-up comic. Lucy has a special dance for a variety of different scenarios. Lucy insists on putting pictures of cats in internal presentations and reports (and more recently of her own cat, Moo-Ping). Lucy demanded a unicorn as a part of her job offer at Pod, we instead provided her with a rhinoceros because as we all know, unicorns do not actually exist.