Marie Houghton

Marie Houghton

Senior Researcher

Profile written by Lucy

Marie joined the Pod Squad on a part-time basis to work within our international research team; whilst she continues to study for a PhD in Psychology and work part time in that field as well (she’s a busy lady).

Having graduated with a degree in Theology from Oxford University, Marie’s first role in recruitment was working with Jon and Lucy at RK Supply Chain in the planning team, as a full time resourcer on mid-level and senior Supply Chain appointments.  She was a great success, and placed candidates at companies including innocent, Unilever, P&G and KraftHeinz.

Marie left the world of recruitment and had a successful career in international conference management, but recently decided to focus more on her pursuit of a career in psychology. She was available for part-time work and when she sent Lucy an email saying this, we had her started at Pod within just a couple of weeks!

Marie’s made a big impact on Pod already, after she sat with Lucy’s team for a couple of days they refused to let her leave so we’ve found her a permanent seat on our desk. Because of her initials of “MMH” she’s also been re-given her nickname from RK Supply Chain which is “most mean horse” so feel free to call up and ask for her by that name. Marie is an active member of the Pod social scene, and is famed for a recent dance off with Craig and rap battle with Lucy during a night out!