Teodora Ivanova

Teodora Ivanova

Consultant - International Procurement

Profile written by Eva

Teodora – lovingly nick-named Teo – joined us from an executive search firm at the beginning of 2017, where she’d been specialising in Procurement and Operational recruitment. She focuses on Procurement recruitment across Europe, mainly in the Benelux region, recruiting roles in the consumer goods and pharmaceutical markets and has made placements to the likes of RB, Kraft Heinz and DSM.

Before coming to the UK, she grew up in Bulgaria before moving to Denmark during her studies, and as a result speaks Danish fluently (as well as a little bit of Korean!). She rapidly made an impact and warmed to the environment very quickly. She is most likely the chattiest person in the office, making sure that she is always educating us on Bulgarian culture!

At Pod HQ we have a board for Teo’s famous quotes which keeps growing. She lives very close to the office and raised concerns around hiring more people, simply in case this makes us outgrow our current space and have to move somewhere further away, so her commute would be longer than 5 minutes. She also once made a complaint that she lives so close to the office she can never get a taxi home. Apart from doing excellent work here at Pod she is a great one for comical moments in the office through her direct and uninhibited approach.