Tonia Kalafatzi

Tonia Kalafatzi

Research - European Supply Chain & Logistics

Profile written by Caroline

Tonia joined us in our first jedi graduate intake in 2018 and works in our international team in a research role, specialising in Supply Chain and Logistics appointments. Typical roles that Tonia has worked on include Demand Planning Manager, Head of Logistics, Logistics Network Design and Supply Chain Managers. She has worked on roles in US, Netherlands, Germany, France and Poland so far, giving her some great experience in international headhunting.

Having grown up in a small town in Greece, she studied in Stirling before deciding it was time to give the big city a shot and she moved to join the Pod Squad in London. In her past, Tonia was a champion pole-vaulter, although she doesn’t find she needs to use those skills much in her day to day life as a recruiter in London, however, having got stuck in the office lift recently she might have been glad of her athletic prowess! (Not to mention that her competitive streak comes in very handy during the office darts tournaments!)

Aside from honing her skills in recruitment, Tonia has a good side line in cooking - she can be relied on to have a tasty lunch brought from home and she is passionate about calligraphy – she assures us she is in the process of creating personalised gifts for the team!